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Why? Indiana is increasingly in the national conversation. This is the publication that has its finger on the pulse of Hoosier power. In 2016, on the eve of clinching the Republican nomination, then-candidate Donald Trump stood at a rally in South Bend and told an audience: “Now Indiana is becoming very important … you folks belong where you belong; it's called Importantville right? I love it,” Trump said. The mayor of that city—Pete Buttigieg—became a top-tier candidate for the presidency.

IMPORTANTVILLE, indeed. This is the publication that chronicles Indiana.

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I’m Adam Wren, a national politics correspondent at POLITICO.

I’ve covered Indiana politics and business since 2010.

I’m a Buckeye by birth; a Hoosier by choice.

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They seem to. Here are a few nice things people have said about IMPORTANTVILLE:

Adam Wren, who has chronicled Buttigieg's rise closer than anyone, revealed that the controversial pollster Change Research was commissioned to study the candidate's popularity in South Bend. 

The Washington Post

Wren’s newsletter has gained a national profile, with network bookers following his scoops.


“Wren sells his services and reporting depth to coastal media outlets who have to look on a map to find South Bend or Fort Wayne.”

—Russell Pulliam, associate editor of The Indianapolis Star

Ronald Klain@RonaldKlain

For Hoosiers in Indiana or in the diaspora (me) @adamwren’s newsletter on Ind politics is must read. subscribe:

April 30, 2018
Keith Clock@keithclock

Finally, Indiana has its own Playbook, from Indiana's version of @mikeallen, @adamwren. First issue of Importantville out today has lots of great original content and highlights of Indiana-related articles from respected sources.

April 16, 2018
Kyle Lacy@kyleplacy

Don’t be a square. Subscribe to @adamwren’s newsletter - “Importantville”

May 21, 2018

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Does Adam have a strong opinion about which is the best sports movie set in Indiana?

He does, and it’s Breaking Away, which has none of the shlock or sentimentality of Rudy or Hoosiers, though that is not to say he doesn’t also enjoy those films.


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Get smarter about the intersection of Indiana politics and power.


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